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NOTE: Gaia works intuitively and our administrator Kiran replies to appointment emails. In your initial communication please don't mention any personal details. Just your first name and email address is sufficient to book an appointment. There is also a wait period for sessions but it is always the right time when you come. Join the waitlist and trust the timing. Pricing will be on the application. *Prices and services subject to change*

 Ascension Seekers which will get you your initial appointment as soon as there is one available

I want to be an Ascension seeker...

*You may only need to see Gaia once however many work with Gaia long term. Once you become a follow up client with an app membership number you go into a shorter follow up client list ensuring you get annual appointments or emergency sessions if necessary



Gaia has a long waitlist for NEW clients which grows by the day. There are various ways to connect with Gaia. The fastest way is to book through Ascension Seekers, which will get you your initial Zoom appointment as soon as possible. *Price on application 

INTRO TO YOUR SOUL (Ascension Seekers)

​Experience Soul Progression Therapy®! The most popular service. Find out who you were, where you have been and why you are the way you are. A past life regression, energy work, psychic reading and progression into your future. Available to clients all over the world via Zoom.


Past, present, future.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Via Zoom Only



Now you've been to see Gaia, stay on top of feeling fabulous and on the path! Energy, reading and understanding your journey to keep you feeling light and clear. For clients all over the world via Zoom.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Via Zoom Only


Become a member! Gaia has a spiritual guidance app. You can download it for FREE on Apple or Android, simply search 'Soul33'. To become a full member, register with your email as soon as you download it (for a small annual fee) and you will have access to weekly guidance, guided meditations, weekly planning by understanding the energy for the week, a group chat function and so much more. You receive weekly suggested homework from Gaia. The app prepares you for your one on one sessions whether you are a new or current client and you have you have Gaia in your pocket 24/7!

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Image by Kimberley Chow


Would you like to gift a Soul 33 session to a friend or loved one? 

Including session, voucher, gift wrapping and courier to your loved one.


This is for existing clients who have an acute situation that you need guidance and healing on. This is a 30 minute ZOOM session where Gaia will tune into one area you need help with to assist you. You do not go on the waitlist for this service. This is great for emergency sessions or situation where you need healing. Please email for more information.

30 Minute Zoom includes:

  • Meeting Gaia via Zoom

  • Discussion/guidance on one area

  • Energy healing on that particular area

Please note this is not a full session. 

Healing Stones
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If you want to become a Soul 33 member or renew your membership click below.

Membership means

  • Full access on the app

  • Priority follow ups

  • You receive a certificate and membership number

  • VIP access to launches and other Soul33 services and events.

  • Member Soul Top Up Pricing


This is a very special service that you do not need to meet Gaia for. It's all in her magic. 

If you need help with something in particular and area of your life feeling stuck? There is a certain magic she weaves that helps to clear or bring in. A magic that she creates especially for you. Email us to find out more about this bespoke magic!

Candle Burning Ritual


An increasingly popular service where Gaia creates a healing meditation infused with Reiki especially for you. This service is for paid app members with a membership number and can be created for topics such as anxiety, fertility, love, career anything you want! You can heal in your own time.


Gaia has the ability to see if there are souls for you to bring into this world. She can communicate with babies in utero or before conception to provide guidance on one of the most important roles you will ever have on your human journey - bringing another person into the world.

This service is for:

  • Expectant parent

  • If you are wanting to conceive

  • If you are wanting to know what this child needs from you and why it has chosen you

  • Gaia often gets names or initials the child wants to be called. Names are very important for your childs human journey and hold energy with numerological importance

  • If you need guidance on timing, how to bring in your baby

  • Energy clearing and healing of conscious and unconscious patterns in your parenting abilities.

  • Gaia will often pick up gender and soul experiences of the child prior to coming to you

If you would like to find out more about your baby from spirit and how to best parent your baby this is the service for you. 

Via Zoom Only

Crystal Ball

"I wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby girl arrived. I was a high risk pre term birth pregnancy and she arrived at 38 weeks as you said. We have named her the K name you told me she wanted and it means Pure. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to talk to her before she was earthside! - Lily, New Zealand



The Soul Ceremony is a very limited face to face service. To experience a face to face session with Gaia, in person; you are invited into her space and her energy for your Soul Progression Experience. This is for the serious spiritual seeker who is willing to invest in this session. There is no waitlist and face to face Soul Ceremony follow up sessions are also available however Gaia selects who she wishes to work with intuitively as people apply.

These session are suitable for those who want to be around Gaia as a healing symbol herself, to learn from her, to facilitate their Soul Progression and truly be coached by her.


Gaia may also be available to travel for The Soul Ceremony however travel costs will be incurred by the client.

*Price on application


Have a Listen...

"This was my first session with Gaia, I was truly warmed to meet her and felt extremely comfortable in letting go of my ego and just being free. It was incredible to meet someone like this. Many of the planes I had traversed, and often felt, were confirmed in a space beyond the my physical body. I have felt mentally settled since seeing her where many energies seemed to move through me, clearing those which were unsettled, bringing me back to my state of being. The advice I was given was very clear and specific to my current situations, and have enabled a much better path of clarity, and movement forward. Thank you so much"

-Kate Pocklington, Singapore


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