Gaia talks to hosts Jax & Kim.

We dive deep into all things spiritual, soulful, universal, past lives, life lessons & growth related.  It's a conversation that supports finding and speaking our own truth, so we can do what we were put on this earth to do.

Why am I here? What's this all for?  There's got to be something more than this?  Why  do we have to repeat lessons & cycles for our souls learning?  Who am I? No, really, WHO AM I? What happens if the plans you made for your life differ from the plans the Universe has in store for you?  Listen Now

This episode with Gaia is full of mindblowing wisdom and insight from this world & beyond.

Anna Squelch launched her successful podcast with Gaia on her first episode ever and Gaia also features on Episode 55. 

Listen to Episode 1 - Soul Blueprints, Tapping Into Your Gifts + Aligning To Your Soul's Potential

Listen to Episode 55 - Trusting Your Inner Knowing with Gaia Chinniah

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Gaia was interviewed by Mel Homer on Magic Radio segment 'Interesting People'. Click the sound track to listen.

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What do you need to know, do and heal if you are looking for love or in a relationship?

Gaia writes a Relationship forecast giving you spiritual insight to help with your relationships or on your quest for love.

good magazine NZ

good is proudly New Zealand’s leading and award-winning lifestyle and wellbeing publication for conscious-consumers, driving positive conscience-living.

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What led Gaia down the spiritual path?

How can you align more with the energy or nature?

What is Soul Progression Therapy®?

Gaia was interviewed by FashioNZ to give you insight into what she does and what you can do.

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Listen to Tracy's conversation with Gaia to understand your blueprint and your purpose.

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Read Gaia's Energy Forecast - Using the energetic cycles and seasons a powerful tool to heal, set your own goals and manifest what you desire. When we understand this, we are able to work with these cycles and seasons without resistance.

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The Self Love Club Podcast

The Self-Love Club by Bel Crawford is a real-life modern gals guide to empower you to live your best life. Gaia features on several Love Lessons episodes with Bel, many of which reached number one on iTunes.

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WOMAN Magazine Online

WOMAN magazine one features a monthly energy forecast written by Gaia. Be prepared for the months ahead by checking out the wellbeing section of their site.

Using the energetic cycles and seasons is a powerful tool to heal, set your own goals and
WOMAN Magazine

WOMAN magazines Donna Fleming interviews Gaia for a 5 page feature in the July 19th 2021 issue about her purpose.

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