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Born with the Hindu Goddess name Gāyathirī - people call me Gaya/Gaia. At the age of 33 I knew something big was going to happen to me but I did not know what until something incredible happened. With a product distribution company in Asia, I was busy and stressed. I had a strong spiritual practice from being born into a Hindu family and with my ancestry going back to Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Gujarat; some of the most spiritual places on earth! It is in my blood. I was reminded about my spiritual gifts by a friend of mine and realised in her presence what I was able to do in the healing realm. I specialise in Soul Progression Therapy ® (S.P.T) through Soul Evolution Techniques (S.E.T).

I am able to see your soul for who you were and who you are now, where you have been and why you are the way they are.  I am able to see your cells in your body, visit your future and provide guidance on the potential that is seen for you. This information can be reassuring and a revelation.

This unique combination of abilities provides a service for individuals to know more about themselves, receive balance and understanding as well as information to be able to reach your full potential. You don't need to carry what you don't need anymore. My job is to clear it and help you move forward. Those who find me will know what I do. It is all in the experience and the experience is different for everyone.


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WHAT Gāyathīrī DOES

Clients seek out healing and guidance for a various number of things. Gāia has a number of skills that make up Soul Progression Therapy:

  • She has a Bachelor of Communications, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Master of Management Studies from Waikato University in New Zealand. She is an astute business person and experienced marketer and presenter. She guides clients on their business endeavours when guided by spirit or requested by the client.

  • She is a Reiki Master - Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master & Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® . She is able to atune students to Reiki and channels this energy during all sessions.

  • She has studied Past Life Regression at Omega Institute with Dr Brian Weiss in New York.

  • Her natural abilities enable her to see, clear or align past lives by examining your Akashic records.

  • She is able to guide you on future potentials and ensure you are on the right path.

  • She is a medium and is able to hear spirit. Spirit is not limited to loved ones that have passed but her mediumship extends to her connection to the Universe and channels messages from whoever steps forward for you.

  • She is a healer and has a deep connection to natural healing energy, she is able to smell illness and guide you to seek out professional medical advice if anything is picked up.

  • Tarot - she has been trained by a medium in Los Angeles to read tarot. 

Listen to Gaia speak briefly about what she does.




Hello everyone, I'm Kiran and I've been working for Gaia for years now and wish to continue working for her for as long as we both shall live! I have been happily assisting her with her Soul 33 work as well as her other businesses.

I was born in a small town in Malaysia called Ipoh and raised in another small town called Seremban and I'll be turning 41 this year. I come from a sales background and Gaia and I crossed paths five years ago when she was doing a presentation in Malaysia and we clicked instantly. It was like we had a connection and I was meant to work for her so here I am, proud and happy to be her right hand woman! 




Soul 33 works with a talented team of developers in India.

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