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I am very diligent with my health and body care. When you are the spiritual journey, keeping your body healthy and pure helps you stay connected to the Universe. These are some of the products that I highly recommend and part of my daily life.

World Organics

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Store. This brand is what started me out on my own business. I have used these high vibrational products for over 9 years having been involved with the company from the beginning as their Marketing Consultant and also took their brand to Malaysia through my own product distribution company. Their skin care and make quality is like nothing I have seen before!

A business which began on a doorstep has evolved over 150 years to provide the foundation for World Organics today. Gertrude’s knowledge of herbal natural remedies has been handed down through 5 generations of herbalists and naturopaths, beginning with Gertrude’s son, William Anderton. In the early 20th century, William emigrated to New Zealand, where he established a natural health care business that flourished for three generations. Today, World Organics is a family owned business that takes its holistic philosophy from its long naturopathic heritage.

When it comes to regulating the personal care industry, our lawmakers have been slow to move. As a result, too many manufacturers can get away with claims that their products are natural and organic, even though they are full of synthetic chemicals and the natural ingredients they use are only a minuscule percentage of the total ingredients.

Because of government inaction we have taken action ourselves, securing certifications for our beauty products which guarantee that we are what we claim to be. In addition, we carefully vet our partner ranges to ensure their own ethical and manufacturing standards meet ours and that their ingredients’ lists are clean and natural. We hope that soon, the law will change. In the meantime, you can trust us to be fully transparent, so that you can be sure you’re getting the product you want. Click here to shop.

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